Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Concerns About the Sanitary Sewage System in Las Terrenas

The Secretary of State for Tourism, Lic. Francisco Javier García, received a request to conduct a technical review of the work done on the new sanitary sewage system in Las Terrenas. The request was made because there's evidence of potential technical problems of the system. The fear is that if the perceived problems turn out to be true it may result in raw sewage on the streets, and ending on our beaches.

During recent floods caused by heavy rains one could observed how muddy water was coming through the newly installed metal caps placed in the streets. The water was coming in through somewhere, which may occur once the system is put to work. Flood waters would push raw sewage throught he same vents. That's highly undesirable.

A technical review would end speculation of alleged technical failures in the system. In addition, the request ask for financial disclosure as the system was financed by CEIZTUR. 230 million pesos, or more than 6 million dollars, were invested in the project (not yet finished). CEIZTUR funds originate in taxes paid by travellers arriving or departing.

More details (in Spanish) at http://terraccion.blogspot.com/2009/02/solucituddenuncia-ante-secretario-de.html

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